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Do the math

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Looks like Bob and Carol and Alice, but not Ted. Ideas matter, and polygamy is a bad one whose time has come.
Some people deny the doorbell is ringing. The Globe and Mail‘s Margaret Wente wrote, … Continue reading

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Galbraith biography fails to explain failure of political liberalism in late 20th-century

John Kenneth Galbraith is a big subject in every sense: 96 years old; occupant of prestigious academic and public positions from an early age; bestselling author of more than 40 books; six-foot-eight. And Richard Parker’s John Kenneth Galbraith: … Continue reading

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Liberals need a reminder about the role of Parliament

It is good to hear that Canadians are wise and selfless while Americans are dumb jerks. Especially watching U.S. politics move from one large issue to another, such as structural repairs to Social Security to forestall catastrophe in 2037, while … Continue reading

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Five things you need to know when the inquiry calls

Oh oh. The summons has come. You have to testify before a commission of inquiry. You have done nothing wrong, of course. At least, nothing worth mentioning. Well, nothing anyone was so foolish as to write down. So you’re completely … Continue reading

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Bow down and proclaim fealty to the almighty charter

Canada’s Parliament just reconvened. It might seem a singularly inauspicious time to discuss proper self-government. But I must protest the growing conviction that it is not only wrong but offensive to think the majority should set the ground rules for … Continue reading

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