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Finally, a helping hand for bored lonely chickens

Singapore researchers just showed a Montreal conference their “Poultry.Internet” system whereby you can give your pet chicken an intercontinental cyberhug. O Brave New World, that hath such gadgets in it. At last we can begin to live.
Where does one even … Continue reading

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The ultimate conformist

As the federal Liberals search for the next Trudeau, an embarrassing revelation has emerged about the last one: He was not deep but silly.
Many adults of mature years have been startled by the revelation in Max and Monique … Continue reading

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Distasteful, grasping and undignified chest-thumping

“A few more years will put us all in the dust,” American founding father John Jay wrote to his wife after losing the 1792 New York state governor’s election, “and it will then be of more importance to me to … Continue reading

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Prosperity’s Perils

From Fraser Forum.
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Obviously, the press is not trying to offend Christians …

You know it’s Easter when the snow melts, little coloured eggs appear, some fool kicks the Easter Bunny and the media start running what I think of as their “Was Christ a black lesbian?” features.
First off the mark was Maclean’s, … Continue reading

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