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From him we don’t need lectures

Hey. I finally found a public policy problem I can solve. Let’s tell Miloon Kothari to buzz off.
Not high on your list? Perhaps you missed the Tuesday Citizen story that after a quick tour of … Continue reading

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Dusting off some thoughts on the right way to govern

Lately I’ve been enjoying Blackstone’s thoughts on a mixed constitution. Oh sorry. Did I just blow a big cloud of antiquarian dust in your face? I was aiming for Dalton McGuinty.
Blackstone’s mid-18th century Commentaries on the Laws of England were … Continue reading

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A crisis is coming, and no one cares

It is a melancholy reflection that we had to wait for the Ontario provincial election to lurch to a dismal end before we could turn to urgent questions of policy. Melancholy turns to depression at the urgency of health … Continue reading

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During election season, the zombies come out

With less than a week to go I’m wracking my brains for something constructive to say about this wretched zombie of an Ontario election. A dry, choking sound from within the voting booth doesn’t seem to qualify.
It remains tempting … Continue reading

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