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The slop on our trays

Wait a minute. What’s this? While everyone’s been standing on guard against two-tier health care it turns out we’ve got two-tier education. I want an expensive, restrictive, dysfunctional federal law and I want it now. Now now now.
We cannot … Continue reading

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I’ve got a bad feeling…

Cassandra was my kind of gal. Unfortunately I can’t find her statue anywhere on Parliament Hill.
In case you attended a progressive, fact-free school, she’s the unfortunate Trojan princess granted the gift of foresight by Apollo but … Continue reading

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Crazy about ideas

One of the joys of writing opinion columns is imagining that every Friday, in countless government offices, keen analytical minds share my ideas with colleagues and suggest that I may be the most preposterous lunatic ever to chew through the … Continue reading

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Erasing history, the Canadian way

So now we learn that “Radical Jack” was actually “Reactionary Jerk” and swiftly airbrush another page out of our national history. Take that, you dead white anglo male.
The background here is quite embarrassing. The National Capital Commission, in its Sparks … Continue reading

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When the auditor comes calling

The auditor general’s report on how government money is being misspent was trumped on Tuesday by the Finance Minister throwing a bunch of it in your face. Welcome to modern democracy. But it’s no way to run a railroad.
Some journalists … Continue reading

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