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A New Year’s Resolution

Last year I suggested a jolly family-destroying New Year’s game, Robson’s Kith and Kin Kleanser, where you make resolutions for those close to you instead of for yourself. If you followed that advice, those close to you are a lot … Continue reading

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My typical Ottawa wish list

Dear Santa:
This year I have been pretty good except for when I was awake and stuff so I’m hoping you can grant a few modest requests.
I should mention that I’ve spent a lot of time in … Continue reading

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Self-censorship? Me? Absolutely

What can I say about hate speech investigations into Maclean’s magazine?
I mean that literally. This used to be a free country where we had the hard-won right to speak our minds without fear. But now the Canadian Islamic … Continue reading

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Afghanistan’s no quagmire, it’s an anti-malarial swamp

With everyone off in Bali dealing with the urgent menace of global warming or panting over Karlheinz Schreiber’s semi-revelations, might I interest you in some malaria?
No thanks? Lacks glamour? OK, malaria doesn’t hand you $100,000 in cash and not ask … Continue reading

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