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Political succession, the old fashioned way

Can someone explain to me why Fidel Castro has been succeeded by his brother? Since when does communism equal hereditary monarchy? Ask Kim Jong-il.
It’s instructive to contrast Cuba with Pakistan, where a lot of people are trying under very difficult … Continue reading

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Even I’m rooting for Obama – sort of

Start practising the phrase “President Barack Obama.” It’s not so bad. Except as in “President Barack Obama denied today that his naive and spineless foreign policy has encouraged terrorism.”
It’s annoying when pundits intone that it’s come down to Obama v … Continue reading

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The Archbishop’s words

Rowan Williams should be fired as Archbishop of Canterbury for calling the arrival of aspects of Shariah law in Britain “inevitable” and desirable. But for once this silly man has actually done us a favour.
Consider the harrumphing he provoked from … Continue reading

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No wonder governments stonewall

A lot of bad things have been said about the Harper Conservatives’ grimly sour approach to communications. And rightly so. But why shouldn’t they do it that way?
The obvious response, that it’s not good for our democracy, has considerable merit. … Continue reading

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How the United Nations enables hatemongers

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has effectively endorsed the destruction of Israel. Which tells you all you really need to know.
It tells you all you need to know about the UN, that’s for sure. From “Zionism is Racism” … Continue reading

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