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Sadly, no one wants to play the numbers game

The new Ontario budget is a highly instructive document. And I don’t mean that in a good way.
The first thing it illustrated was the risible level of contemporary partisan shrillness. Let me single out provincial Conservative leader John … Continue reading

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If you reject Christianity, don’t join the Church

It’s Easter and time for the annual journalistic display of baffled hostility to Christianity. On cue the Roman Catholic archbishop of Ottawa, Terrence Prendergast, pops up with the suggestion that adherents to his church who don’t actually observe its rules … Continue reading

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Parliamentary system in doubt

Apparently it’s time to stick a fork in our system of parliamentary self-government. MPs just passed an Opposition money bill and no one cares that there’s no such thing.
Last week the three Opposition parties teamed up to pass Dan McTeague’s … Continue reading

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Our shared parliamentary dysfunction

LONDON, England – The symptoms of parliamentary decline are by now unpleasantly familiar. I don’t just mean the way Question Period, regardless of the subject or authenticity of the outrage, often prompts the reflection that brawling alley cats do have … Continue reading

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