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The private lives of politicians matter

Maxime Bernier burned his way through a promising political career amazingly fast. I don’t know what this former future prime minister and sexiest MP in the House will do next. Maybe go tell his old Parti Québécois friends Anglos are … Continue reading

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Protecting the throne

The Victoria Day long weekend produced the usual outburst of ill-mannered resentment at the monarchy. I’d say just ignore it, except for the harm three decades of presumptuous ignorance have already done to our constitutional order.
Last Thursday Toronto Star columnist … Continue reading

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New heights of hypocrisy on Burma

My enthusiasm for an amphibious assault on the Irrawaddy delta is extremely limited. I appear, once again, to be the weirdo.
On Tuesday former Liberal foreign minister Lloyd Axworthy surfaced in this newspaper calling for us to exercise the … Continue reading

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Curbing authority, the old-fashioned way

Donald Savoie’s new book on the breakdown of government in Canada will leave you both wiser and more worried. It’s a worthwhile trade-off. But please also leave room on your bedside table for Jean Louis de Lolme’s The Constitution of … Continue reading

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Expecting too much from Obama

Barack Obama has done the right thing in the right way by dumping America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright. True, he did it at the wrong time, but in politics you take what you can get.
When I read about Rev. Wright’s self-immolating … Continue reading

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