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The happy union of capitalism and technology

It’s right there on the receipt. I just bought an 8 gig memory stick for 29 bucks. Makes you nostalgic for the good new days of unbridled capitalism, doesn’t it?
It even makes me feel a bit sorry for kids today. … Continue reading

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The thin gruel of politics

George Smitherman has again failed to produce his promised glorious 10-Year Plan for saving health care in Ontario. It’s like sitting in a fancy restaurant with a mouth-watering menu and great prices but whatever you order you invariably get a … Continue reading

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Sorry doesn’t change the facts

It is too easy to apologize for history. Sometimes it is necessary. But “sorry” doesn’t make the past go away or let us substitute our imaginings for fact.
The first problem with historical apologies is that they are about what someone … Continue reading

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The banality of spin

One problem with living in Ottawa is that if you go away you might miss something important. Especially these days.
By “important” I don’t just mean so awful it’s also funny. The word usually carries a quite different meaning … Continue reading

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