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Easy drugs from weak doctors

Put down the pill bottle and back away slowly. Aha! What’s this? Expired antibiotics? You’re in big trouble, buddy.
Actually we all are. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are everywhere, swarming over hospital towel-racks and bedsteads and heading right for our soft … Continue reading

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The case of the disappearing scandal

Remember how the old Perry Mason TV program would end with his brilliant interrogation trapping the guilty party into sobbing out a confession? It’s very much unlike watching a parliamentary committee in action. I liked Raymond Burr’s show better.
As a … Continue reading

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A politician who speaks his mind

In politics you’re never sure who to despise. David Cameron seemed a thoroughly safe bet and now look what he’s done.
Mr. Cameron, in case you don’t follow the disintegration of the public sector in Britain as closely as … Continue reading

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If you wear the pin, send it back

If I had an Order of Canada I’d return it to protest the appointment of Henry Morgentaler. But of course people like me don’t get that little white snowflake lapel pin. We’re too divisive.
I have to start by laying on … Continue reading

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