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The futile war on smoking

When a habit brings intense short-term sensual pleasure but saps your vitality and eats away at your body it’s time to quit. I refer of course to the war on tobacco.
Tuesday’s Citizen reported a StatsCan’s finding that smoking has not … Continue reading

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The esthetic offence of government handouts

Apparently I am the victim of an enormous, constitutionally prohibited outrage. I have never received a single art subsidy.
In days of yore this complaint might have been rejected by galleries, granting organizations and the general public who would … Continue reading

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Why your health isn’t your own business

How much is your life worth? Oh dear me no. I don’t mean to you or your family. I mean to the Finance Ministry.
You see, news out of Britain informs us that their government just isn’t willing to … Continue reading

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Riding the bus of life

No one ever said life would be easy. So if you haven’t been horribly murdered on a bus I say you should feel lucky.
Of course such incidents, narrowly defined, are extremely uncommon. And so far we haven’t had … Continue reading

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Lessons from a bad movie

Would it ruin your long weekend barbecue plans if I mentioned that 35 years have passed since we were warned that “Soylent Green is people”? I’m not so much worried about giving away the plot as spoiling your appetite with … Continue reading

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