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Some life lessons for foolish students

Apparently the Carleton University Students Association won’t refuse to raise money for cystic fibrosis after all. Remarkable what they sometimes end up teaching in schools, isn’t it?

Not including the “fact” that cystic fibrosis (CF) primarily affects white men. Although it … Continue reading

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The winter of stupid economics

As the global mental meltdown continues, the wisdom of decades has disappeared in weeks. We are left poorer for it.
Take deficits… please. How long did it take us to learn, or say we’d learned, that they were bad? … Continue reading

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A cross-border health care crisis

If Barack Obama were elected Prime Minister of Canada, how would he fix health care? It is not an idle question.
American politics is necessarily interesting to Canadians for several reasons. It’s inherently fascinating, even horrifying, because it’s so exuberant. In … Continue reading

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It was closer than you think

So that was a decent night for the Democrats. Sort of. I know, I know, Barack Obama “will electrify the world.”
He’s a “supernova.” Of course now the press are also saying he faces difficult challenges and is something of an … Continue reading

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