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Moderation in war?

Rumours swirl that Israel was considering a 48-hour humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza strip though in the end the government seems to have rejected it at least for the time being. But does anyone think if the situation were reversed … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin she ain’t

Caroline Kennedy’s dynastic shoe-in candidacy for the New York Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton took a dramatic turn for the worse when she gave a bumbling interview that started (in, says the Ottawa Citizen, “a dull monotone”):
Um, this is … Continue reading

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Brainless in Gaza

As another Middle Eastern “crisis” unfolds not only participants but commentators seem to be repeating themselves. Which is not really a criticism of the latter because the same old points generally retain their validity when one side (Israel) has limited … Continue reading

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Media outlets are starting to produce their lists of historically significant incidents and people in 2008, man/woman of the year etc. These are useful exercises although I fear that when (if) history pauses to look back at them many will … Continue reading

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Experts say… stuff

So it turns out the experts didn’t actually know what the economy was going to do after all. No really. Thomas Homer-Dixon said it so it must be true. Gosh. I guess we’ll all be driven back to hoping for … Continue reading

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