Monthly Archives: April 2009

In defence of human dignity

Oh great. Now we’re supposed to stand there and gawk while courts give us legal incest. The intolerable alternative would be self-government plus moral clarity.

Citizen Editorial Pages Editor Leonard Stern wrote two weeks ago that “A few years ago it would have been unlikely to hear conversations in Canada about the decriminalization of incest. Now we find them on morning radio. What happened? Same-sex marriage happened. I supported same-sex marriage, and still do.” Stern then asked: ” … polygamy among consenting adults? There is no constitutional basis on which to make it illegal. The revulsion against incest is even more pronounced than that against polygamy, but unfortunately the same principles of autonomy and freedom apply.”

He admitted to sharing that revulsion but “I just don’t see how in a secular democracy we can insist” that incest be illegal. Continue reading

Walking out on the talk

As numerous news stories relate, “delegates” walked out of the Durban II anti-racism conference over Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s predictable racist rant. (And as CFRA radio’s “Madely’s Morning Minute” and the National Post editorial board observe this morning, a number of western nations were already boycotting the conference, following Canada’s example. An actual example of our moral leadership in the world – think our progressives will celebrate it?)

What the news stories don’t mention is who didn’t walk out. Surely significant.