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Madely in the morning, May 29

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No choice but to be cynical

You can’t believe a word they say. We face a horrendous truth deficit.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty just said the federal government deficit will be $50 billion this year. And it might. But the fact that he said it makes it … Continue reading

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Would this qualify?

Well, the NDP got that one right. The pile of press releases on my “desk” (actually my e-mail inbox) includes one from our socialist party on Friday that blares “NEEDED: AN ALTERNATIVE TO HARPERS’ CONSERVATIVE IDEOLOGY”. I agree. For instance … Continue reading

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All gotcha! all the time

In today’sToronto Star, columnist James Travers claims the PMO is trying to silence the PBO because… sorry, lapsed into Acronyese there. He says the Prime Minister is refusing funding and otherwise making life difficult for the new Parliamentary Budget Officer … Continue reading

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More bafflegab

Michael Ignatieff begins a defence of his party’s EI policy in today’s National Post with the words “We’re in a recession that is rewriting the rules of our economy.” Why do they talk like this?
There is much to be debated … Continue reading

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