Monthly Archives: July 2010

‘K1A’ — the insider epicentre

Ottawa is still buzzing over the government’s decision to make the long-form census voluntary. At least some of Ottawa’s more, uh, introverted insiders are.

I just can’t convince myself it’s an important issue, compared to billions of dollars’ worth of fighter planes, border security, the crumbling of Parliament and a host of other things it has chased out of the editorial pages. It seems so … so … what is the phrase? How about “K1A”?

I endorse this suggestion because it captures the situation, it is very Canadian and comes from my boss at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Brian Lee Crowley. Put those considerations in any order you like. But here’s the explanation. Continue reading

I’ve come for your data

Congratulations! You have been specially selected to receive the Robson Long Form Questionnaire. Please answer all questions honestly and in detail or you will be obliged to sit through a five-year round table on federal-provincial relations in the post-Meech Era.

Admittedly that’s a bit of a heavy-handed way of forcing you to spend time answering intrusive questions so we can meddle in your life in your own best interest if only you knew it.

But let’s face it: You desperately need to be pushed, prodded and scientifically socialized into a less unappetizing form. Continue reading