Monthly Archives: November 2010

On liberty and junk-touching

It’s not exactly “Give me liberty or give me death.” But “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested” is a serviceable rallying cry for free people today. Why, you can even order a needlepoint version online.

For those of you who think that if men were meant to fly, God would have made their clothes transparent, the motto comes from one John Tyner who, on Nov. 13, said it to Transportation Security Administration agents at San Diego airport who wanted to feel him all over because he objected to going through a full-body scanner the TSA website wrongly said wasn’t in place there.

I do not know whether these scans are bad for you. I also do not suspect the TSA of wanting to see me electronically disrobed. And no one can think I’m soft on terror. But it is a great story for four key reasons. Continue reading

Our ineptitude with food is an easy meal ticket

Did you see that scoop in the Postmedia papers this week about an Alberta woman who got workers’ compensation from a court because serving ice cream made her arm hurt? How did we get to the point where difficulty handling small quantities of frozen dairy products creates a legal entitlement to public money?

It must be all this progress we’ve been having. Continue reading