Monthly Archives: June 2011

Jack Layton can’t believe it’s not butter

Is this a great country or what? Probably “or what” since we’re apparently not trusted to read clear labels and make sensible decisions.

Consider two stories from the past week. In the first, a Quebec judge fined Unilever Canada for putting “Becel Gold with Buttery Taste” on a tub clearly identified as “margarine”, lest people should think “buttery” meant it was butter. In the second, Jack Layton was asked if he’s still a socialist and replied “I don’t go around sticking labels on myself”.

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Cobweb of calculations no way to value CBC

Apparently there’s no better bargain than the CBC.

A Deloitte & Touche LLP study says the broadcaster’s $1.7-billion budget adds $3.7 billion to the Canadian economy, $1.3 billion more than any other possible use of the money. Clearly the CBC couldn’t have found a better bargain than this report. But for the rest of us, the crucial question is, how do they know that?

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