Monthly Archives: September 2011

We need to move away from public housing

What is the government doing giving people houses? Even if we accept that charity is properly the business of the state, which I don’t, it still makes sense to ask: If food, clothing and shelter are the most basic necessities but no one thinks the welfare state should be knitting the poor sweaters or baking them buns, why are we so quick to ask it to build them houses?

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Madely in the morning, September 23

Please note: The first part of the hour, Steve Madely and John Robson are joined by Dean Trudeau – Executive Vice President of Craig & Taylor Associates and Investment Advisor for I.P.C and Cameron Passmore – Portfolio Manager at PWL Capital. They talk about the unstability in the markets and what they (Dean and Cameron) are telling their clients.


Advice for the Conservatives: Watch out for the Sloth

After a decade organizing a viable alternative to the Liberals and five years of difficult manoeuvrings in a minority Conservative government, the Harper Tories have their majority and may be tempted to think they have arrived. But political success is fleeting; they would be wise to seize the moment to make the actual conservative changes they went into politics to bring about.

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