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When the same person cuts and serves the cake

A story out of Britain’s Daily Telegraph reveals not only that public servants there receive higher wages and higher pensions, but that a government plan to reform the pensions that was sharply criticized by unions may actually have raised them … Continue reading

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Big project spending isn’t conservative

Do I repeat myself? Very well, then, I repeat myself. Until a major problem goes away you shouldn’t stop warning about it. And the Harper government’s reckless, meddlesome, big-spending interventionism has not gone away.
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Gov’s budget book not a budget, but it should be

Once Parliament returns next week, its main business should be scrutinizing the budget expected by early March. It’s going to be a mess: way too much spending, borrowing and handouts through tax loopholes. But they won’t scrutinize it unless we … Continue reading

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The Top Five, January 27

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Madely in the morning, January 27

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