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$1 market offers more insight into U.S. presidential race than opinion polls

Is Rick Santorum a threat, and if so, to which party, especially given his weak Wednesday debate? That’s the $1 question.
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Qur’an burning contradictions

On hearing that American soldiers had burned some Korans, Afghans erupted into randomly murderous rage. In the ensuing stone-throwing, tire- and flag-burning and infidel-denouncing by Friday some 14 people had been killed, mostly Muslim Afghans. What’s that about?
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The Top Five, February 25

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Drummond offers no real relief

Premier Dalton McGuinty is getting pseudo-tough on spending. He even paid Don Drummond $1,500 a day to chair a Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services, whose 362 sensible recommendations delivered Wednesday won’t help.
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Justin Trudeau’s brains an inch deep

If I called Justin Trudeau a pretty but silly young man some of you would say he’s not that young. But I trust you’d agree if he were any more shallow he’d bulge. And shiny flat things make good mirrors.
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