Monthly Archives: March 2012

Madely in the morning, March 29

Hardly a budget

Reaction on Thursday was predictable. The Green Party said Jim Flaherty delivered a budget that was “tough on nature”; the Ottawa Citizen said he delivered one that “includes major changes to … the size of government”; the Communications Workers of America Canada said: “Federal budget threatens Canada’s social and cultural fabric”. But I was there and I can tell you the government did not deliver a budget at all.

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Double-talk hiding Ontario’s debt troubles

Despite his hard-won reputation for unreliability, I pay attention when Dalton McGuinty talks, about Ontario’s debt or anything else. I know I can count on him … to be misleading in important ways.

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Flaherty as socialist candyman

Apparently the NDP hope the public will get tired of Conservatives and elect socialists instead. I think we should elect conservatives instead.

My smouldering discontent with the Harper administration burst into leaping red flames on March 22 when Jim Flaherty promised no “austerity budget” next Thursday.

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