Monthly Archives: November 2012

Taming the beast within

Among the questions surrounding the Petraeus scandal, like “How did he think he’d get away with it?” and “Shouldn’t someone have told the president sooner?” a number of people seem puzzled by, “When a man climbs macho mountain, why shouldn’t he find another man’s wife naked at the top… especially if she’s hot?”

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Pony up for health

The people reaching for the reins now slipping from Dalton McGuinty’s hands trot out the usual gooblahoy about renewal and new visions and hard-working families and the middle class. But at the hard core of governing is money: Raising it in taxes, spending it on programs. And here Ontario has a real problem to which those who would be premier seem strangely oblivious.

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Map of the road to the White House

It’s time for American voters to show their true colours: Red, pink and blue.

Pink? How did that get in there? Simple. If you’re trying to understand the American parties’ political strategies in the home stretch, or make sense of early results on election night, the colour-coded map you see here shows how American states have voted since Clinton’s first election in 1992: Blue means Democratic all five times, bright blue means four times Democratic, pale blue three times, while pink ones went Republican three times, bright red ones four times and red ones were solid GOP the whole way.

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