Monthly Archives: January 2013

‘Ideological’ is chronic here

A Bloc Quebecois press release informs me that “The federal government refuses to see the consequences of its ideological reform of Employment Insurance”. Now I know what you’re thinking. “There’s still a Bloc Québécois?” To which I can only reply that there must be or it wouldn’t be sending me press releases. What I can’t explain, though, is what it thinks it means by “ideological”.

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Apocalypse soon

If you’re among the people psychologists claim are having trouble coping with the Mayan apocalypse no-show, relax. Western civilization faces a genuine threat of staggering proportions that our leaders are ignoring, perhaps because of its boring name, Electro-Magnetic Pulse or EMP.

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Full speed over the United States fiscal cliff

So the United States didn’t go off the so-called “fiscal cliff.” Instead Republicans circled the wagons, fired inward then gave President Obama and the Democrats almost all the tax increases they wanted in return for — spending increases. Progressive opinion cheered even though the nation and its politicians remain poised atop a real fiscal cliff a trillion dollars high.

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