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Bringing (back) Magna Carta

John Ivison in the National Post laments how Parliament is ceasing to control executive branch spending as a departure from the principle of individual freedom from arbitrary government.
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What’s the deal on Greek debt?

See my latest thoughts on the Greek financial crisis on the IRPP’s Policy Options blog here.
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Just how hot is it out there?

With the temperature a balmy -8 outside here in Ottawa, shortly to ease down to -19, I’m catching up on my NBC news feeds. It’s not pleasant.
I’m encountering subject lines (story headlines don’t always match the email teaser) like “15 … Continue reading

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Sun News spirit lives on

Sun News Network has set. It is a bittersweet feeling.
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Bailout loss could have been worse

Sometimes you have to be grateful for small mercies. Like when the Ontario government takes a big, mysterious loss on its bailout stake in General Motors and you think “Man, that could have been a lot worse.”
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