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Reboot for Ottawa’s dusty museums

When life sends lemons you make lemonade. It’s not so obvious what you do with mouldy asbestos, though. Maybe a big touchscreen.
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A breath of fresh air

It’s nice to have nature you can see and air you can breathe. Even a small park in a busy city nurtures the soul. It’s not so great when you can see the air and breathe nothing. Like on Dec. … Continue reading

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Still outwitted by hackers? Bananas!

Hackers turning the City of Ottawa website into a dancing banana is a tale of dumb and dumber. Probably I should kiss my own site goodbye before ridiculing pimply hackers and their victims but it’s time to put my inky … Continue reading

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Resistant to change? There’s an app for that

If you want to see what’s wrong with politics just look at Uber. OK, look just about anywhere. A newspaper, for instance. But the ruckus over Uber manages to distill the key elements.
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Let’s take off those rose-coloured glasses

Well, isn’t this peachy? The Harper Tories’ fiscal update says they’ve solved all our budgetary problems, personal and national, surpluses are rolling in and free money is rolling out… just in time for the next election. Sadly, politicians do not … Continue reading

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