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Reality 102

Episode two of my “Reality University” podcast is now available, on Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions and the deep intellectual roots of political disagreements.

I’m pleased to say Reality U has hit the “New and Noteworthy” section of the iTunes store. So please tune in, turn on and drop in.

So where’s the downside?

The appointed president of the European Commission, a certain Jean-Claude Juncker, has just warned that if Greece leaves the Euro zone “we would put ourselves at risk because some, notably in the Anglo Saxon world, would try everything to deconstruct the euro area piece by piece, little by little.” A spokesperson later clarified that when he said “Anglo Saxon world” he probably didn’t mean the British personally so much as the loathsome “markets and speculators” one naturally associates with the wretched English-speakers of this world.

A lovely thought phrased with exquisite tact. But why is it a warning? It strikes me as high time someone did it.