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Canada’s sinking navy

More evidence, from Maclean’s, of the Harper administration’s incompetent and frivolous neglect of defence, the first responsibility of government. Can’t wait to hear the deep blue partisans explain why we don’t really need a navy and how awful it would be if Trudeau or Mulcair was in charge. Why, we might have no destroyers or supply ships.

Good thing we’re nowhere near an ocean.


One rarely gets such a compliment

A nice comment on iPolitics about my “Why I Can’t Vote For the Harper Tories” National Post column, from Michael Harris, who I worked with at CFRA. There’s something fishy about him calling me an “old trout” as I don’t make a habit of saluting colleagues as “abalone” or “plaice” or other terms associated with aquatic life. But nice otherwise.

When sheep go to court

Our friends at the Canadian Constitution Foundation are asking for help in the case of two Ontario farmers at odds with the Canada Food Inspection Agency. You can read their appeal here and Brigitte’s post about it here. And I’m asking you to consider chipping in to the Indiegogo defence fund for Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt.

I’m not familiar with the detailed facts of the case. But it certainly sounds as though they’re being ground down by the bureaucratic machine in a way that undermines the rule of law. Especially as Karen Selick of the CCF inform us that there’s some sort of publication ban on the whole business.

Magna Carta guarantees access for all to the justice system. But when enormous regulatory agencies with the financial resources of the state behind them go after the little guy, or gal, the latter just can’t fight back unless we rally round them. This case has already dragged on for nearly three years, an eternity for defendants but just more time on the clock for the system.

If you can spare even a few bucks, please read the CCF appeal and consider helping out.

As I was saying about China

Following up my column in today’s National Post about China’s perilous moment on the world stage, I note that the New York Times has a lengthy piece today about China’s increasing financial and economic assertiveness, often in troubled parts of the world and capitalizing on reckless anti-Western sentiment in nations that have badly mishandled their own affairs.

Tax freedom day already?

Just kidding. Yes, the Fraser Institute’s annual calculation reveals that June 10 is indeed Tax Freedom Day this year. But we’re nearly halfway through this year and this magnificent event is a day later than last year.

I’m constantly hearing how some heartless administration has slashed this, gutted that, neoliberalism is rampant, Occupy is protesting, we need a national strategy, it’s time to restore our faith in government and so on. Then you turn around and find the blob hasn’t gotten any smaller.

Maybe it’s time some conservative party in power somewhere actually, you know, made government smaller the way we keep hearing that conservatives do.

A road to nowhere

My latest National Post column takes aim at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for buying into a false historical account that undermines its otherwise commendable effort to get from truth to reconciliation.

My criticisms of unrealism in aboriginal policy have opened me to predictable accusations of bigotry. But the reverse is true. Nowhere is frank talk more desperately needed because nowhere in Canada is policy a worse mess and it is aboriginals who suffer most even from well-meaning nonsense.