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Resistant to change? There’s an app for that

If you want to see what’s wrong with politics just look at Uber. OK, look just about anywhere. A newspaper, for instance. But the ruckus over Uber manages to distill the key elements.
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Where do we draw the line of consent?

What if it had been consensual?
The Jian Ghomeshi saga is now about sexual assault. He is of course entitled to the presumption of innocence especially given the seriousness of the allegations. But remember, he initially claimed the CBC fired him … Continue reading

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Let’s take off those rose-coloured glasses

Well, isn’t this peachy? The Harper Tories’ fiscal update says they’ve solved all our budgetary problems, personal and national, surpluses are rolling in and free money is rolling out… just in time for the next election. Sadly, politicians do not … Continue reading

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Honouring their sacrifice every day

Today is Remembrance Day. No, it’s not Nov. 11 and my editor has not blundered and run this column on the wrong day. My point is that we should remember them every day.
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Fighting Islamist tyrants not an attack on faith

Just about the last ditch for people who deny the West is under siege by radical Islam is feeble pleading in the alternative: Jihadis are not attacking us, but if they are we started it. American foreign policy is provocative. … Continue reading

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