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Tax freedom day already?

Just kidding. Yes, the Fraser Institute’s annual calculation reveals that June 10 is indeed Tax Freedom Day this year. But we’re nearly halfway through this year and this magnificent event is a day later than last year.

I’m constantly hearing how some heartless administration has slashed this, gutted that, neoliberalism is rampant, Occupy is protesting, we need a national strategy, it’s time to restore our faith in government and so on. Then you turn around and find the blob hasn’t gotten any smaller.

Maybe it’s time some conservative party in power somewhere actually, you know, made government smaller the way we keep hearing that conservatives do.

Essentials of Freedom Conference 2015

This Friday I’ll be in Calgary at the Essentials of Freedom conference organized by my friend Danny Hozack. If you’re in the area please join Danny, me, Brian Lilley, Mark Milke and others to talk about what’s going wrong and how to get it right again. Including (but you saw this coming) a discussion of Magna Carta and our upcoming documentary funded through Kickstarter.