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In technology we trust — too much

Heartbleed scares me. Internet weaknesses really are big news, unlike a lot of things that get headlines. So our reaction scares me even more.
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In defence of defence

With Vladimir Putin drooling over the rest of Ukraine the plan seems to be to stick our tongues out at him. Laden with sententious rhetoric, to be sure. But we can’t shake our fist at him because we haven’t got … Continue reading

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Take two cliches — and don’t call me

Oh here’s a breakthrough in medical economics. Canada’s creaky, inefficient, prohibitively expensive free health care system would work better if people didn’t get as sick as much and when they did they got “safe, high-quality care when and where they … Continue reading

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Stay if you like, go if you must

With the PQ dusting off their threat to take their province and go straight home, I find myself dusting off some reflections from the last referendum crisis that still seem relevant. Including that people’s obsession with “Will Quebec go?” and … Continue reading

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Can they build it? No they can’t!

Here’s a surprise. Ontario’s all-day kindergarten program to produce the creative, secure, early developing multicultural Wunderkinds of the future is in trouble. Cost overruns? Pedagogic issues? Um no. Seems they haven’t managed to build the classroom space on time.
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