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Magna Carta: Our Shared Legacy of Liberty (public release)

DVDs are now available for pre-order. You can also buy the combo (Magna Carta + The Great War Remembered) for one swell price. DVDs are expected to start shipping September 21, 2015. Digital downloads are available for $5. If you wish to buy a license to show this film to your group or event, please contact us for details.

Pre-order your copy of our Magna Carta documentary today


It’s coming! Our Magna Carta documentary will be released to the public on Monday, and made available for free viewing on YouTube. But if you want a higher-res version, digital or DVD, or just want to support our ongoing efforts and new projects, we’re pleased to announce that we are now accepting orders for DVDs, and the high-res digital version will be available for $5 as of Monday.

We’re also offering our previous documentary, The Great War Remembered. DVDs can be preordered and the digital download is available now.

The Great War Remembered now available for download

My documentary on World War One, The Great War Remembered, is now available for purchase online. This high-quality, ad-free version of my 2014 documentary vindicating the Great War as a defence of liberty under difficult circumstances costs just $5.

We’re trying to keep prices low so anyone can afford to watch it, which is why there’s also a lower-res free version available on YouTube. But if you’d like to contribute to our educational mission, and help me create more historical films and cultural commentaries including a projected feature on architecture past and present, please buy the high-res version. You can support me through the PayPal or Patreon links in the sidebar to the right. Monthly subscribers get a free download of the Great War Remembered.

When flower power met tank tread

In my latest video for the Rebel, I argue that when the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia on August 20, 1968, and crushed the “Prague Spring”, it provided a sobering reminder at the height of the counter-cultural revolution, that there was a crucial difference between the open societies of the West and their enemies abroad.