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Economic magic fizzles

Now that the Bank of Canada has cut the interest rate by exactly 0.25% we must wait reverently for the magic to infuse the economy.
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Still outwitted by hackers? Bananas!

Hackers turning the City of Ottawa website into a dancing banana is a tale of dumb and dumber. Probably I should kiss my own site goodbye before ridiculing pimply hackers and their victims but it’s time to put my inky … Continue reading

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How ’bout some spring with our spring?

Dear Easter Bunny,
How’s it going? All ready for that egg thing? Us too.
Thing is, though, it’s kind of cold here. Spring officially started Thursday but apparently it didn’t “take.” And while I realize you already have lots on your harebrain … Continue reading

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Budget ritual a puzzling mystery

Imagine an anthropologist came to study Canada’s strange public rituals from some unspoiled region where only birds tweet and “reality television” could not be explained even if someone could be found who wanted to know. Upon encountering the thing known … Continue reading

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We need your money

We’re in the final stretch of fundraising for our dojo’s annual Kicks for Heart cardio-a-thon for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, hoping to raise $25,000. My wife is on the team and her fundraising goal is $500. If you can help, … Continue reading

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