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When flower power met tank tread

In my latest video for the Rebel, I argue that when the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia on August 20, 1968, and crushed the “Prague Spring”, it provided a sobering reminder at the height of the counter-cultural revolution, that there was a crucial difference between the open societies of the West and their enemies abroad.

Canada’s sinking navy

More evidence, from Maclean’s, of the Harper administration’s incompetent and frivolous neglect of defence, the first responsibility of government. Can’t wait to hear the deep blue partisans explain why we don’t really need a navy and how awful it would be if Trudeau or Mulcair was in charge. Why, we might have no destroyers or supply ships.

Good thing we’re nowhere near an ocean.


Will’s law

In today’s National Post George Will makes one of those rare generalizations so sound and important that it deserves to be elevated to the status of a “law” of political economy:

It is a law of arms control: agreements are impossible until they are unimportant.

If taken seriously, this maxim would save us from much foolishness and peril. Unfortunately, it will not be taken seriously.

As I was saying about China

Following up my column in today’s National Post about China’s perilous moment on the world stage, I note that the New York Times has a lengthy piece today about China’s increasing financial and economic assertiveness, often in troubled parts of the world and capitalizing on reckless anti-Western sentiment in nations that have badly mishandled their own affairs.