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If that’s your idea of fun…

OK, this is pretty grim. I just got this email from the federal NDP with the implausible subject line “One fun thing together”. Fun? NDP? Intrigued, even baffled, I read on and after some tedious preliminaries this is the excitement on offer:

I want you to meet our fellow progressive Canadians fighting for equality with you, and I have a fun way to make that happen. When you take this one-question poll, you’ll let other Canadians know what issue makes you stand up and fight – and you’ll also see what your community is saying about their top issue.

Really? That’s your idea of “fun”? That’s how you kick back, loosen up and get jiggy in high summer? Evidently so. For after what I think was meant to be stirring prose about a “community of progressive Canadians”, it wrapped up with this “gosh, how can I refuse?” thrill-o-rama offer:

let’s all do this one cool thing together – share your “big issue” with the NDP’s community of progressive Canadians and see who’s fighting with you.

Ooooh. Party time. Unfortunately political party time. I know the NDP can be a stridently serious bunch and that as a rule social justice is about as light-hearted as a root canal. But I thought when they actually tried to have fun, if they ever did, there might at least be hats and balloons, activities, forced merriment, maybe even beer. Instead there’s a poll and fighting.

It reminds me of an observation by G.K. Chesterton, a profoundly serious person who found life enormously fun in the normal sense of actually having a good time, that:

Socialist idealism does not attract me very much, even as Idealism. The glimpses it gives of our future happiness depress me very much. They do not remind me of any actual happiness, of any happy day I have ever myself spent…

Exactly. This email certainly had me thinking if this is how they whoop it up I’d rather listen to them complain. Except it seems to be the same activity. So if your idea of “fun” is sitting alone at your computers saying what annoys you most, I do not want you designing my future.

It sounds awful.


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Through the looking glass

In my latest article in C2C Journal I argue that citizens are right to be angry with the political system. But they need to look in the mirror and realize their habit of rewarding the wrong things in politics is the main source of the problem.


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The Liberals’ unnecessary pot problem

In my latest National Post commentary I say it is inexplicable that the Liberals were not ready with a plan to legalize marijuana. How hard can it be not to ban something in a free society? And who would repeatedly promise to do something and not bother pondering the details?


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Trumping the headbanging

Amid all the sound and fury in the American presidential election, with the latter being on the whole more justified than the former, a remarkable voice of sanity emerges in the form of an open letter (yes, a much overused format, but justified this time). It’s from two women, both mothers, about the central issue in the apparent unraveling of America: the unraveling of the family.

They ask Donald Trump what he might do about it, especially given his own example. And it’s an entirely appropriate question for the man who would be Republican nominee and apparently will be. But it could also be asked of almost anyone aspiring to office, as a reproach in some cases including Hillary Clinton’s and merely an urgent policy question in others.

Nothing matters more than intact families in making America “great” again. Nothing matters more in making it whole, in making it free, in preserving limited government, decentralization and vigorous citizens able to tackle problems both public and private instead of passively waiting for incompetent overbearing government to barge in and make things worse. And nothing matters more in people’s private lives.

So what has anyone to say about it? The problem is by no means unique to the United States. Whether you are American, Canadian, Australian or any other nationality, I strongly urge you to read the letter, to ponder it, to see what answer you might give as well as what answer any candidates do American or otherwise.


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