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Yo ho no bottles of rum

Our navy’s going dry in a whole bunch of ways these days, from having no ships to the prissy politically correct decision to ban drinking at sea.
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A great and free people together

After American rebels captured Montreal on Nov. 13, 1775 and besieged Quebec City in early December, only Guy Carleton’s heroic defence, complete with theatrical burning of the surrender demand, kept Richard Montgomery and Benedict Arnold’s forces from bringing all of … Continue reading

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What should Trudeau have done?

Justin Trudeau is in an awkward spot for suspending two MPs accused of sexual misconduct. But before criticizing his reaction to the NDP’s claims, tell me what he was meant to do.
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Resistant to change? There’s an app for that

If you want to see what’s wrong with politics just look at Uber. OK, look just about anywhere. A newspaper, for instance. But the ruckus over Uber manages to distill the key elements.
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Let’s take off those rose-coloured glasses

Well, isn’t this peachy? The Harper Tories’ fiscal update says they’ve solved all our budgetary problems, personal and national, surpluses are rolling in and free money is rolling out… just in time for the next election. Sadly, politicians do not … Continue reading

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