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Bringing (back) Magna Carta

John Ivison in the National Post laments how Parliament is ceasing to control executive branch spending as a departure from the principle of individual freedom from arbitrary government.
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Executive seduces legislature

The National Post just published my article on how legislators aren’t keeping the executive in line (or judges) and we aren’t making them do it. Politics isn’t a fun sport with orange, blue and red competing for supremacy. It’s about … Continue reading

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Not that we’re partisan

Apparently it’s amusing and cute that Vice President Joe Biden has a habit of getting inappropriately close to women.
Of course if it were a Republican it would be an outrage.
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In defence of Sun News

Yes, there was news on Sun News Network. My colleague David Akin offers a spirited defence of the network in Maclean’s, pointing out that for all the mockery of our station, his Battleground show in particular often gave more detailed attention to politics … Continue reading

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Missing link to climate change?

So I was checking out caveman sex in Israel and I had a sudden insight about global warming.
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