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Climate questions

My friend Tom Harris is inviting people to attend a conference sponsored by his International Climate Science Coalition and others in Paris at the same time as the big UN affair. Even if you don’t find yourself in Paris this coming week, it’s well worth pondering the questions Tom and his colleagues are asking about the orthodox view.

Most fundamentally, the ICSC and others ask for proper evidence on these three points:

  • Recent climate change is unusual in comparison with historical records;
  • Human emissions of carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ are dangerously impacting climate;
  • Computer-based models are reliable indicators of future climate.

If the consensus is as solid as alarmists claim, it should be easy to provide. If they can’t or won’t provide it, something very unscientific is going on here.


The Internet of… oh darn

Very interesting Washington Post piece about the security of the Internet and the “Internet of things” largely based on Linux, given the eccentricities of Linux’ founder and the incentives that don’t operate when people are giving stuff away rather than selling it.

Read that alongside Ted Koppel’s piece (in Thursday’s National Post among other places) about the vulnerability of America’s power infrastructure (and ours, I assure you) and you might well conclude with Woody that “This is the perfect time to panic.”

But don’t worry if you miss it.¬†You’ll get another chance.

Reality University is on the air

Reality University Podcast LogoMy new podcast “Reality University” is now available. It offers a weekly look at the big questions that affect our common life and the key ideas (and books) that help us understand the world around us.

Please drop by and audit a few classes and consider signing up. Because as Philip K. Dick once said, “Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn’t go away.”