The Environment: A True Story

It’s time to set the record straight on “man-made” climate change. And that’s what I’m going to do with my new documentary project looking at what we really know about the Earth’s climate, not just cherry-picking from the last ten years or a hundred, but looking back thousands, millions and hundreds of millions of years. It’s going to expose a lot of hype, bad science and unjustified shouting on the part of the alarmists and lay out what we really know.

The climate has always been variable. And yes, sometimes it changes in ways that can spell trouble. But hysteria, misinformation and name-calling won’t help us deal with anything that might be coming our way. Virtually everything the conventional wisdom maintains on climate, about what we know and about what’s probably happening, is demonstrably false and it’s time to cut through the scaremongering and tell the real story.

I’m really excited about this project. I’m convinced the time is right to push back against the exaggeration, alarmism and intellectual bullying. But to make it I need your help. We’re crowdfunding it, as we have our last four documentaries. So it will only happen if you and people like you contribute, large amounts or small, and crucially share it with friends, family and associates in person, on Facebook and Twitter, by email and any other way you can.

I’ve set a minimum goal of $50,000 because for that I can make a documentary on this vital topic. But I want to be completely frank that to make a truly polished film, to get the gear we need, to travel to important locations and to help sustain us in our work, we need to get well past that minimum, to a “stretch” goal of at least $100,000.

So if you’re ready for some sound information and straight talk on “man-made climate change”, click on the Kickstarter link to back the project, and share it as widely as you can.

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To help support my work click here to contribute. (Note please that Patreon pledges are in U.S. dollars.)

3 thoughts on “The Environment: A True Story

  1. Nadia Gray

    If you want to improve things re pollution regardless of climate change discussion why not highlighting the unconscionable problems like: Japanese disaster continuing radio active material into the ocean, the dumping of sewage by Canadian towns, villages and cities into our waterways, the unsolved problem of what to do with our garbage, the pollution by everyone from ships to countries into the oceans, the air pollution in the world, the destruction of whole species both animal and plant, the destruction of habitats, the war pollution from all the bombs that kill and on and on. If we could work on these climate change will not be such an issue. You want money for a film well get it from the CBC who have money and need an audience.

  2. John Sutherland

    I’m very interested in your proposed project and would like a little more detail. I would also offer some comments. I think that the most important period to examine is the last 1 – 2 million years, as the Vostok and Greenland ice cores can offer a huge amount of useful temperature information that runs right up to the present day. As I think you are suggesting, the main focus should be on the wealth of temperature data that is available in the literature, but which is routinely ignored by the modellers. I also think that it is fair game to criticize the models themselves, in view of what is missing from them and their very real failure to predict what has actually happened; not to mention the inherent difficulties involved in trying to estimate a very small number while making assumptions that are much greater than the net impact being sought. The irrelevance of so-called scientific consensus is another point that you mention, but it can also been shown that the four, I think, papers that allege consensus can also be shown to have fatal defects. Anyway, good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. John Robson

    Yes, you may believe you’re in a “gotchA!” moment because you’re a half-assed historian trying to say “Oh look! The past had gasses and we world is fine!” but you’re overlooking the human component that is irrelevant/non-issue when talking about anything more than ~200K years. So warming water temperature and by proxy levels are imaginary, or just irrelevant?


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