Magna Carta: Canada’s Legacy of Liberty

We have an exciting new project to announce. A documentary called Magna Carta: Canada’s Legacy of Liberty. It’s going to tell the story of the most important document in the history of freedom, 800 years after Bad King John was brought to heel and forced to seal it at Runnymede.

All the rights we cherish, from due process of law to elected representatives, trace back to it. It has been assailed time and again and always defended. It’s why we have rights to day. But that story needs to be told again and again or it will be lost and with it our freedom.

I want to tell that story. But I can’t do it without you. Brigitte and I are crowdfunding this documentary so we can travel to Britain, to the United States and around Canada to film it, and so we can produce it. And we need your help. Please click below for more details on the project and contribute any amount from $5 to $500 (or more) so we can make it happen.

Magna Carta. Help us keep it alive for the next century.


You can watch our previous documentary, The Great War Remembered, on YouTube:

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A big thank you to Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn, “The One-Man Global Content Provider,” just wrote a great post “The Field Where Liberty Was Sown” about Magna Carta, the “real rights” it contains, and the modern threat to freedom as voters get seduced by the “right” to free stuff from politicians in return for their right to due process, property and so on. In it he kindly praised our documentary project and people have really taken notice.

Thanks, Mark. We really appreciate it.


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Bringing (back) Magna Carta

John Ivison in the National Post laments how Parliament is ceasing to control executive branch spending as a departure from the principle of individual freedom from arbitrary government.

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Madely in the morning, March 2

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What’s the deal on Greek debt?

See my latest thoughts on the Greek financial crisis on the IRPP’s Policy Options blog here.

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Executive seduces legislature

The National Post just published my article on how legislators aren’t keeping the executive in line (or judges) and we aren’t making them do it. Politics isn’t a fun sport with orange, blue and red competing for supremacy. It’s about protecting our life, liberty and property. We need to remember that, and make the people we elect act on it.

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